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Not for Sale

I spent four years building a sandcastle. 

Each time I tried to rebuild it, 

I molded the sand differently,

Mixed in different elements,

Dug in moats, 

Started in what seemed like safer locations, 

Yet no matter the effort,

The tides would roll in,

Erosion would let the sand dunes fall,

Beachgoers would trample the fragile structure,

And storms would leave nothing but smoothed sand.


Eventually, I listened,

I saw it for what it was,

I cannot be upset with the ocean,

Nor the sand, 

For every grain and every wave showed me my truth and strength,

I learned design,


And what materials I want and need,

For too long I have been shivering in the frigid damp air,

My skin blistered from the sun,

And my body ravaged by sand fleas.


I have returned my energy on to my home, 

I have un-boarded the windows, 

Repainted walls, 

Changed the locks,

Though renovation is still underway, 

And may always be, 

My home is yet again abundant with light and warmth,

So my doors are open, 

I want only guests that will do there best to take care of my home when they visit.


And for my next building?

Whether a bungalow or a skyscraper, 

I am open to collaboration, 

I wish to utilize the skills I spent years developing, 

I want to build something strong,

A beautiful and imaginative piece of architecture,

I have not lost my love for creation,

For creation fuels life and self.

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