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Not for Sale

Lisboa my fair, rare beauty~


Though it is a city I felt life-force

Lisboa felt feminine in nature

Walking the streets I felt her care for all her inhabitants

She danced with decadence in her beauty

Her history serves as endless wisdom on transmuting shadows to light

She beams with force sharing her wisdom covering all in her healing white light 

Her playful spirit never lets you miss an opportunity to connect with community 

Her nature offers you soulful nourishment

She gives, offering you in abundance your energetic match

To all that know her she is beloved.


I owe a debt of gratitude to Lisbon

In my time there I became a little more whole

I found a home to surrender and be bare

I was given expansive space to find myself 

And a consecutive push to live in that truth

I cultivated presence, gratefulness, community, universal trust, the practice of healing, devotion to my feminine and clarity in my purpose



Now I am in action moving into my next chapter with that clarity 

With gratefulness and love, I thank all who made the past year so enchanting 

Until next time my fair, rare beauty. 

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