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History repeats itself when it has not been reformed.

Narratives of the past echo in our streets in the present.

Generational bloodshed cannot be a family tradition;

Teaching children “with liberty and justice for all”

Yet ignoring the call of the pain seeking equality.

Too long have we been operating disconnected

From ourselves,

From each other;

From the natural world;

Scared to feel,

Scared to acknowledge our own destructive roles.

It is time to lean into embodiment, 

To be bold enough to deconstruct our current identity.


We the people represent the ocean; 

Free, fluid, powerful, and one.

No longer can these barricades divide such a force.

We are changing, but the system remains damned,

Because division is the foundation of elitism,

But water cannot be drowned out

And oceans are made to rise.

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